Do you get tired of wires? And finding the best methods how to connect Bluetooth headphones to Xbox One>

Especially when it comes to Xbox games, wires have always been a problem. Because of the extended viewing distance, wired devices are not suitable for couch gaming. If you are using wired headphones with your Xbox One, you’ll also have to sacrifice your freedom of movement.

That’s why many gamers prefer Bluetooth headphones.

Xbox is one of the most popular gaming platforms right now. Despite all this, most users still complain about one problem that remains - the lack of Bluetooth audio support.

You can listen to great music without the hassle of wires with Bluetooth headphones. However, these headphones do not work with all gadgets. Perhaps you’re a new Xbox One user and wondering if connecting your headphones without wires is possible.

Despite its many features, Xbox One lacks Bluetooth capability. You can still connect headphones to Xbox One and enjoy gaming wirelessly. Here you can see the best methods to use your Xbox One with Bluetooth headphones.

Does the Xbox One support Bluetooth headphones?

Things start to get tricky here. As I mentioned, the Xbox One does not support native Bluetooth audio. You will need an Xbox Wireless headset. Xbox makes an exception when nearly every device has Bluetooth.

However, inferior devices are not the reason. That is simply because Microsoft, the maker of Xbox, decided to use a different method to connect wirelessly.

For example, Xbox One can pair headphones without a Bluetooth receiver. Conversely, Xbox uses a higher frequency than Bluetooth (2.4GHz).

Xbox uses an in-house wireless protocol instead of Bluetooth. This is how to connect Bluetooth headphones to Xbox one.

Microsoft has launched peripherals designed for its wireless technology. These include headsets that lack Bluetooth.

Only a few Xbox-compatible headsets exist, and they fall into two categories:

  • First, connecting headphones to the Xbox controller is done by attaching a wireless dongle to one of the controller’s USB ports.
  • For the other, the Xbox connects automatically without a controller. No dongles or cables are needed. There’s no doubt that Bluetooth headphones are expensive because of their advanced features. On the other side, wired headphones are cheaper than Bluetooth headphones. Despite the price, Bluetooth headphones are easy to use and much better than wired headphones in all aspects that’s why the price is justified.

Please note that Xbox wireless headphones will only work with Xbox and not work with other consoles such as the PS4 and Nintendo Switch. Please note that, before buying headphones for Xbox One, please check the compatibility first.

Meanwhile, let’s learn how to connect Bluetooth headphones to Xbox One with different methods.

Connecting Compatible Xbox One Headphones

The Xbox technology is exclusive to Xbox One, so first-time users may be confused about how to connect devices as part of this unfamiliar protocol.

We’ve outlined the steps to make connecting your Xbox One headset a breeze.

  • Enable the ‘Pairing Mode’ in your headphones. You’ll need to hold the power button on the headphones until the LED lights turned on. Please bear in mind that, every headphone has its different specifications & systems so this feature may be changed in other headphones.
  • Turn on your Xbox One by pressing the power button.
  • In the older versions of the Xbox, the pairing button was on the left side below the disk drive. In the new versions of Xbox such as Xbox One S and Xbox One X, the pairing button is on the other side. In newer versions, the headphones pairing button on Xbox is on the right lower portion.
  • Now, pair your headphones with Xbox One by pressing the pair button. Press and hold the button until the LED lights turned on and start blinking. Now, press the connect button on your headphones.
  • Return to the headset and search for the Connect Button. Press and hold this button when the LED starts flashing rapidly.
  • After a few seconds of rapidly flashing LED lights on your devices, they are ready to pair. The flashing LED lights show that the headphones are successfully connected to the Xbox One. A little beep will occur and the headphones will be ready to use.

This is the method of how to connect Bluetooth headphones to Xbox One that are compatible with Xbox. Getting compatible devices connected is easy. Establishing a wireless connection via Bluetooth takes a whole new dimension for non-compatible headphones.

Connecting Non-Compatible Bluetooth Headphones to Xbox One

Regardless of whether you have one of the headsets mentioned above, you can easily connect it using your Xbox console’s built-in support without any problem.

However, suppose you don’t have an Xbox Wireless-supporting headset. In that case, you will need to use an external adapter for the headset.

If you’re using headphones that don’t support Bluetooth then you may need to use a headphones adapter to connect them with the Xbox One. If you will still try to connect non-compatible Bluetooth headphones with Xbox One then you might face issues. For example, you’ll face distortion in the voice during gameplays and It’s possible your headphone’s microphone may not work.

We’ve tried here to explain the best possible ways to connect Bluetooth headphones to Xbox One. The following ways are given below.

  • Use a PC
  • Use a TV
  • Try Xbox App
  • Use Bluetooth Transmitters
  • Try Remote Play with Xbox

Use a PC To Connect

The most prominent and useful way to connect Bluetooth headphones to Xbox one is while using a PC. All you need to do is connect your Xbox One with your PC and use your PC as a front-end device for gameplays or streaming. In this way, you’ll be able to enjoy the sound efficiently.

As Windows PC and Xbox One both are powered by Microsoft, setting up a connection is like a piece of cake.

Connecting Xbox One to Windows PC seamlessly requires only three conditions:

  • There should be the same network connection on both devices (For streaming, preferably, an Ethernet connection is best).
  • You can also use the Xbox Console Companion app to connect the PC with Xbox. Almost all the PC comes with this app by default. However, if It’s not available on your PC. This app is publicly available on the Microsoft store, you can download it from there.
  • Moreover, If you have both Bluetooth headphones and Xbox but your PC doesn’t support Bluetooth features then you must use Bluetooth transmitters. Otherwise, you’ll not be able to enjoy Bluetooth headphones with Xbox One.

While playing games or streaming on Xbox, you can take the full joy of your headphones including realistic game sound, and team audio chats. All you need to do is connect Bluetooth headphones to Xbox One. However, It depends on what type of headphones you’re using right now.

Use Microsoft App To Connect

Microsoft has already integrated the Xbox Console Companion app into all Windows PCs, so securing it shouldn’t be a problem. But if it isn’t already on your PC, you can download it here.

You need to perform the following steps to connect an Xbox One successfully to Windows PC:

  • First of all, you’ll need to create a Microsoft account to download and install the app. If you already have one then just sign in.
  • After installing the app on your Xbox One, open it and click on the connection icon on the top of the left side.
  • Before connecting, you’ll need to add your device to the Xbox One app. After adding the device, you can connect your Xbox to Windows PC.
  • When you’ll click on the add a device button, the app will automatically detect your device and display it on your screen. Now, simply click on the connect button.
  • If in case your device is not showing in the app then you’ll need to manually connect your Xbox with your PC. You’ll need to enter the Xbox IP address and It will find your device.
  • If you’re having trouble connecting, You can solve the problem by simply going to your Xbox settings, selecting Devices & Streaming, and going to Device connections. You can enable Allow Play To stream, Allow game streaming from other devices, and Only from profiles registered into this Xbox.
  • Then check the Connections tab to see if your Xbox is listed.
  • After building a stable connection, now you can control the Xbox from your PC.

By connecting your Xbox One to your PC, you will be able to use the Bluetooth headphones on your PC.

If you’re a Mac user, not to worry! You can still easily connect your Xbox One to your Mac device after following a few simple steps.

Use The TV To Connect

With this method, you’ll not just be able to connect Bluetooth headphones to Xbox One using your PC. You can also make your TV an excellent alternative to a PC.

Moreover, you can also use your Bluetooth headphones with Xbox via TV. All you need to do is connect Bluetooth headphones to Xbox One and connect your Xbox with the TV.

You need to consult your TV’s manual for instructions on plug-in Bluetooth headphones, so you should check the manual. Bluetooth feature is not so common in all the TVs but the digital Android Televisions have this feature. The best way to identify whether your TV is Bluetooth supported or not without going into deep research is just simply to check your TV remote control. If your TV remote control is smart then you can pair your Bluetooth headphones with your TV.

You can easily find the Bluetooth pairing option on your TV. This option is usually available in the Settings>Menus>Sound System on Televisions. However, It is necessary to connect the Xbox with the TV first then you’ll be able to connect headphones with the TV.

If your TV is not Bluetooth supported then you can use a Bluetooth transmitter.

If you connect Bluetooth headphones to Xbox One but It’s not connected properly to your Xbox properly, you will not be able to use your headphone’s microphones. You’ll just hear the game sound and the voice chat of your teammates. If the Bluetooth in your headphones is not working properly, you can use the 3.5mm jack to connect your headphones to Xbox One or TV. Bear in mind that not all wireless headphones come with dual connectivity so you’ll need to take care of this.

Follow these steps to connect your Xbox to your TV:

  • Your Xbox One comes with an HDMI cable that you should plug into the port at the back of the console.
  • To connect your Xbox with the TV, you’ll need to plug in the HDMI port of the Xbox to the TV.
  • Select the HDMI port you’ve connected to the TV as the Input Source using your remote.
  • Once you have your Bluetooth headphones connected to your TV, you can get started by checking out our guide on how to connect headphones to your TV.
  • Furthermore, you can use Bluetooth audio transmitters for TV if you don’t support Bluetooth by default.

Install The Xbox App

If none of the above methods are working for you, don’t worry! We still have an easy method to connect the Xbox One app to Bluetooth headphones.

This trick will only help you to hear the party chat of your teammates, but this method does not work for everyone so try this on your own! If you want to listen to a voice can use an alternate, though less-than-ideal solution. Install the Xbox App on Android or IOS, Sign In to your Xbox account, and start or join a party chat via the Social icon.

In the top right corner of the App, tap the headphones icon, and you have a voice chat party. Xbox App will route the audio to the TV so that you can speak through a USB microphone.

It’s elementary to use Bluetooth headphones and chat with friends with your smartphone. However, you won’t be able to hear any audio from the game. Overall, it isn’t the most convenient method, but it can still be used as a solution.

Here’s what you need to do

  • Firstly, you should connect your Bluetooth headphones with your smartphones then you can connect Bluetooth headphones to Xbox One.
  • Click the social icon - the two people icon - in the Xbox One App.
  • Start a party chat by clicking on the headset icon.
  • Approve with the permissions.
  • Your teammates can join the party chat by clicking this. Have fun!

Use Bluetooth Transmitters

Bluetooth transmitters are another way to overcome Xbox One’s Bluetooth restrictions. These devices let you allow you to use headphones with your Xbox One.

Bluetooth transmitters will only allow you to hear your audio through your headphones, and you won’t be able to use the headphone mic. After you have such a transmitter, pairing it with your headphones should be similar to pairing any other device.

Make sure you know how to put them into pairing mode ( this can vary depending on pair to pair, so read the user’s manual before starting), and then locate the pairing button on the tiny transmitter.

But the Xbox One was not made to work with Bluetooth headphones, so assuming everything goes well, that should do the trick. But I can’t make any promises. The method given below is one of the best methods to connect Bluetooth headphones to Xbox One.

These are the steps that help you to understand how to use Bluetooth transmitters for Xbox:

  • Press and hold the button of your Xbox for at least three seconds until a Blue or Red LED lights start blinking. The specific instructions will vary depending on the transmitter you’ve used, so consult the manual for further instructions.
  • Use the 3.5mm port in your Xbox controller to connect the transmitter.
  • Start your headphones or headset and ensure you are in pairing mode.
  • Check out your manufacturer’s guidelines for the best results. Some headphones have different instructions than others.
  • When pairing your Bluetooth transmitter to your headphones, hold the multifunction button on your dongle for around five seconds. This button is used to activate the pairing mode of your Xbox.
  • You will need to bring your headphones closer to the Bluetooth transmitter for a strong and stable connection. After being closed to the transmitter, steady blue light on the dongle should appear.
  • As you play, you can listen through once the connection has been established.

Remote Play with Xbox

Microsoft offers modern Xbox controllers with Bluetooth capabilities so that you can connect your device easily. You can use Xbox remote Play to play your games through Bluetooth headphones when playing on small screens.

But Bluetooth is only valid when you are close to the console. For this purpose, you’ll need your Bluetooth headphones and your Xbox controller should be closed to each other for a stable connection. Moreover, you can also use a mobile-compatible Bluetooth controller for a strong connection.

Here’s what you need to do to make the connection work:

  • To connect your Bluetooth headphones to Xbox one, you must pair them with your smartphone.
  • It would be best if you linked your Phone to the Xbox controller.
  • Go to the console, and to navigate to your guide, click the “Guide” button.
  • Selecting the “Profile and Systems” option.
  • Now go to “device and connections.” Here, you can see the “Remote features.”
  • You should also set the power mode from placing to the “Instant-on” once the remote features are enabled.
  • Open the Xbox App on your smartphone after you have completed the setup.
  • Go on the top and click the “Remote Play” button.
  • Now, you can play any game on your smartphone or any other Remote Play-compatible device. It is only when your Xbox is linked to the App.
  • From then on, click on “Remote Play.” If you haven’t already set up an Xbox console link, Click “Set Up A Console” first.

Final Words

We may assume that now you know how to connect Bluetooth headphones to Xbox One. Just because you’re using Bluetooth headphones you don’t need to buy new headphones, and you save a lot of money!

So we conclude that the Xbox One doesn’t have a Bluetooth feature officially! However, there are a few other ways that explain how to connect Bluetooth headphones to Xbox one. But there are multiple methods to use this. You can only need to connect a Bluetooth transmitter to your Xbox One to use Bluetooth headphones.

If your controller does not have an audio port, you can connect the transmitter directly to your console. You can then connect headphones to your console using the Bluetooth transmitter or even a Bluetooth-enabled home theatre system.

You can reach us through the comment section if you still have questions about connecting your wireless headset to the Xbox One console.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which headphones are compatible with Xbox One?

As we know now, the Xbox One doesn’t have a Bluetooth feature and it comes with USB ports. Microsoft doesn’t allow their devices direct Bluetooth connection with external devices. However, only headphones with Xbox wireless technology can be connected to Xbox. But those headphones are a little bit more expensive than other headphones and they’re almost worthless because they can’t be used with other gaming consoles such as PlayStation and Nintendo.

Here are the top 5 Xbox-friendly gaming headphones:

  • SteelSeries Arctis 9X
  • HyperX CloudX Flight
  • Turtle Beach Stealth 700 Gen 2
  • Razer Thresher
  • LucidSound LS50X

How to connect Bluetooth headphones with Xbox One S mode?

We’ve already mentioned the best possible ways to connect Bluetooth headphones with Xbox One. However, one of the best and fastest ways is to use Bluetooth transmitters. The Xbox One has USB ports so all you need to do is plug the transmitter into the Xbox and it will work as a bridge between headphones and Xbox. After plugging in the port, enable the pairing mode on your headphones and transmitter. When both the devices are successfully connected, you’ll hear a sound.

What type of headphones can be connected with Xbox One?

There are two types of headphones are compatible to connect with Xbox One. First, the headphones should be Bluetooth supported. So, keep in mind before choosing any headphones. The second way is Xbox-friendly headphones, keep in mind that only Microsoft offers Xbox-friendly headphones. They’re easy to connect and provide high-quality audio and stable connection.

Are Apple headphones compatible with Xbox One?

No! But you can connect Apple wireless earbuds with Xbox One but the connection will not be strong enough to work for you. So you may face sound loss and other sound problems. The best way is to connect headphones via USB port with the Xbox console

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