When you realize your headphones aren’t loud enough for the song you’ve been listening to at maximum volume, there is nothing worse. Even though you have set the volume to its top, the headphones you are using are not producing enough sound. Here we’re going to explain how to make headphones louder on multiple devices such as a PC, Android, and iPhones. Moreover, you can also increase the sound of Bluetooth headphones as well.

As a precaution, we would like to inform you that listening 5o music too loud isn’t good for your hearing. While wearing headphones, the music volume should be moderate so that doesn’t affect your eardrums. Listening to music at a loud volume may damage your hearing. And nobody wants that!

Many people believe that it is impossible to make headphones louder when connected to a device. Listeners can still increase the volume even when the settings are maximum.

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How to make headphones louder?

In some cases, it may simply be a misconfiguration in your audio settings, and in other cases, it may be a hardware issue. A software issue often arises when your headphones are clean, plugged in, and working correctly. If you plugged in a different audio device or changed the settings via an app, your operating system could have changed the audio settings. But apart from all these problems, It’s still possible to make headphones louder.

Whether you’re playing games on your computer, watching movies, or listening to music on your phone, I’ve got you covered. Let’s review all of the ways to make those headphones sound better and louder.

Here are ten ways you can use to make your headphones louder:

  • Increase the volume to its maximum.
  • Configure the playback settings on your device.
  • Think about a headphone amplifier.
  • Install a headphones volume booster app.
  • Wipe any dust or debris off your headphones.
  • Try better music and audio apps.
  • Get the best headphones.
  • Purchase a Bluetooth speaker or smart speaker.
  • Boost the volume through your device’s playback settings.
  • Setup the volume to the specified limit.

Here we’ve mentioned a few examples for you to enhance your listening experience in a better way. But be careful. Overexposure to too loud sounds can damage the fragile eardrums. So, Be cautious.

Make sure your audio settings are set correctly and check if that lowered limits for any reason. If so, raise them. It is best to start with a low volume and then slowly increase it so as not to be surprised by the volume or damage to your ears. You can sometimes remove the volume limit on your device.

Windows PC users can set a maximum volume limit.

Increase The Volume To Its Maximum

There’s no doubt about this one. Using just the device’s volume settings makes it possible to increase the volume. Remember that the headphones' device will have its volume controls, but the headphones may also have their own and with both of these settings you can make headphones louder. So It is really important to check the headphone’s volume setting before doing anything else. If the volume is low, make it 100% volume on headphones and on device as well. Perhaps you can adjust the volume in another way.

When using their phone for listening, they may be able to manipulate the sound output in several ways. You can adjust the volume, sound output, and equalizer to set exactly how you like it. Many devices allow you to set the volume for the content you listen to and the notifications, ringers, and other settings.

You can also adjust the volume of Android and iPhones by going into their settings and setting it up, so it’s up to you how much you want to make your headphones louder.

Configure The Playback Settings

You can configure the volume limit and increase the volume through your device. You’ll need to go to the volume settings to do this. Here, we’ve explained how to configure playback settings on iPhones and Android phones. If you’re using an Apple device, you can view this setting in the “Music” tab of the main settings menu.

  • You will see the section “Playback” after scrolling down.
  • Select the “Volume Limit” option. Adjust it.
  • Now, let’s look at how the same setting works on Android.
  • Android users will need to look at their brand’s settings as every brand has its menu. IOS users should follow the same path.
  • Start by going to your settings, then selecting Sounds > Volume.
  • Here you’ll find all of the different volume levels for each function. However, if you want to change the music settings to Bass or Pop, you can do it from the “media” settings.

If you hear a specific type of music most often, you might also want to check your Equalizer settings.

If you’re using a desktop and want to make headphones louder to the maximum limit. You can adjust it from your computer volume settings. There are two different ways to do this.

First, you’ll see the speaker icon on the right bottom of your desktop screen. Click on it and slide the indicator to control the volume.

Second, left-click on the speaker icon and you’ll see the advanced volume settings including PC volume, equalizer volume, and microphone volume,

Use Headphone Amplifier

If all these settings are correct, it could be a problem with the headphones' power output.

Ultimately, headphones are just speakers. They require an amplifier to function. In the same way, a great amplifier can make a home speaker sound better, and a headphone can also be enhanced by pairing them with an amplifier.

A speaker must need an amplifier to produce better sound quality. Same like that, headphones amplifiers enhance the sound quality. There are different types of amplifiers available in the market. Amplifiers are not just for the TV lounge because there are also portable amplifiers available that you can carry with you to make your headphones loud. The amplifiers basically run on battery and have some weight so it might be an issue to bring them with you while you’re running or traveling. And, that’s not a good idea.

Despite the big headphones, you can also pick earbuds for you. However, It’s a fact that the small the amplifier is the less sound it will produce. Not just volume but small amplifiers also reduce the sound quality. Moreover, If the amplifiers or headphones are not charged and you have increased the volume then you’ll definitely feel a distortion in sound and sound loss as well.

You may not be able to drive your headphones entirely using the amp on your phone, tablet, or laptop. Using an external headphone amplifier, you will hear your headsets louder and notice the depth of the music detail, the improved dynamic range, and the improved clarity.

You can also use a standalone headphone amplifier to make headphones louder. But keep in mind that the standalone headphone amplifier is costly and you don’t really need an external device to increase your headphones' volume. Rather than a standalone amplifier, you can buy new headphones at the same price.

If you’re considering buying an amp, you’ll want to check the headphone impedance to see whether you need one or not.

Many headphones will need a boost if they have a high impedance level (like 300ohms). There are special headphones named Planar magnetic headphones are available for the purpose and they’re very popular among people. The headphone amp won’t help much if you’re using a pair of headphones with a higher resistance, for example, 20-25 ohms.

As an entry-level headphone amplifier, the FiiO E10K USB DAC and Headphone Amplifier are great choices.

Install A Headphones Volume Booster App

If you’ve tried everything but the headphones are still quiet. You should try volume-boosting apps once.

There are a lot of volume booster apps available for various platforms including Android, iPhone, and Windows; All you need to do is download any of them and boost the volume of your audio device.

There are many apps available for multiple platforms that provide you the facility to make your headphones louder. Whether you’re using a phone or PC, you will be able to integrate them with your device by downloading these apps. Thus, it can override the maximum volume settings of your device and then increase the volume to a higher level. Be careful when using such apps. If the volume is too loud, it may damage the eardrums. Therefore, it is important to make sure the precautionary measures to protect your ears while using such apps.

iPhone Volume Booster Apps

Apple’s iTunes store and Google’s Play store feature some apps you can download to your device. Setting up the app and integrating it with your device depends on the program you choose.

Below are a few popular iPhone volume boosters:

  • EQ Plus
  • Audio Enhancer Xtreme Media Player
  • KaiserTone Player
  • ONKYO HF Player Volume Enhancer
  • Features Automatic Volume Control

Android Volume Booster Apps

These are some of the more popular choices for Android users looking to find a volume booster:

  • An equalizer
  • Equalizer FX
  • Volume Precision for VLC Android
  • Media Player
  • Fans of Podcasts
  • Android Viper

These apps are also compatible with PC. Among all of the above apps, some of them are paid. So, If you love to listen to music at max volume or want to improve your listening experience you can try any of the above-paid apps.

Volume Booster Apps for PC

They’re worth it. You can download and install any of the above apps to make headphones louder while using a PC. Each app has its different features, advantageous and disadvantageous. So, make sure to check before using them.

While some of these apps are free and paid, they’re worth it if you love listening to music and want to improve your audio experience. We recommend the following apps by device:

  • For Windows: Equalizer Pro and DFX Sound Enhancer.
  • For Android: There are a few top-notch apps available such as Volume Booster Pro, Sound Equalizer, Super Volume Booster, and other apps.
  • For iOS and iPhone Devices: You can try any of the following apps, Equalizer Pro Volume Booster, Volume Boost+, and SonicMax Pro such apps.

Wipe Any Dust Or Debris Off Your Headphones

It may only take a simple cleaning to return your headphones to their original state if they seem quieter than they used to be.

Wearing headphones increases the amount of heat generated within your ear canal. The ear canal becomes clogged with wax and oil. When the oil or wax blocks the mesh screens, your headphones or earphones will lose sound. In the absence of regular cleaning, the speakers will become clogged over time, resulting in a quieter sound. So, cleaning your headphones is necessary to make your headphones louder.

Similarly, this solution may seem obvious to readers, but it can be overlooked by listeners, resulting in a volume issue. The sound quality might be compromised and sound loss will occur because the speakers of headphones are dirty. It’s a good practice to keep your headphones clean before using them or you can clean them twice a week. But don’t let the dust make dust mountains on your headphones speakers. Otherwise, the sound will fade away.

If you know how to clean your headphones properly, you can keep them in good working condition for a long time. People can use either soapy water or hydrogen peroxide to clean most headphones. Here are some additional cleaning products you may need:

  • A Soft Cloth
  • Isopropyl Alcohol Or Some Tech Cleaning Wipes
  • Q-tips and Cotton Swabs
  • Soap
  • Water
  • To Clean Toothbrushes
  • Using A Tech-Friendly Cleaning Putty

You should follow the instructions in your headphones' manual to clean them. Here are simple instructions for cleaning your headphones.

Tips To Clean Your Headphones

Dirt messes up everything, including headphones. Thoroughly clean your headphones to remove dust, grit, earwax, and muck.

We’ve explained here the best method to clean every part of your headphones. You should clean your headphones once in two months by using the method given below. It increases the lifespan of your headphones and makes your headphones louder as well. Please be careful when handling these, as there can be more delicate parts involved:

  • Initially, remove the ear pads, but be gentle as these can tear and render the headphones useless. You can wipe the exterior of the headphone unit with a small cloth slightly dampened with soapy water. Dry off the headphones with a paper towel, and then let them air dry.
  • Clean stubborn dirt with a soft cloth or a toothpick to remove earwax and other stubborn materials. Take a small cloth, soak it in rubbing alcohol, or use a tech wipe. When you have removed the ear pads from the headphones, use this solution to clean them. Then, you can clean all the crevices between the earpads with a cotton swab lightly dampened with rubbing alcohol.
  • If the ear pads have foam mesh, gently dab them with a tech wipe or cloth with alcohol. Using some alcohol can be helpful if you find any bacteria on your fingers. You will also remove additional debris in this way.
  • Before reinstalling the headphones, let the ear pads completely dry.
  • Once the ear pads are completely dry, reassemble your headphones. Attach the ear tips once everything is dehydrated. Your headphones are now clean and ready to use.

You should also check for any damages during this process, such as loose connections in wires or fading batteries. Ensure that your device’s jack or port is clean, and if you see dust or crud, clean it out.

In addition to keeping your headphones clean, these methods will ensure they last longer and make headphones louder. The longer debris accumulates, the more likely the headphones will stop working sooner than they should. Clean them well, and you’ll be able to get plenty of volumes.

Try Better Music and Audio Apps

Another possible way to make your headphones louder is to use a volume booster app. Using these apps, you will have better equalizer settings and higher limits, and you will be able to hear the difference between regular audio settings and boosted ones.

Multiple audio and music apps are available these days. Some of them are really useful and they come with equalizer settings. It means you can customize the sound according to your preferences. Using the right apps, you can also increase your volume capabilities beyond the typical maximum. Nevertheless, if you’re using third-party audio players or apps, proceed with caution. Most of them should work with most devices; however, make sure you check reviews and ratings to pick the right one for your device.

Below are some notable apps for playing media:

  • Spotify
  • iTunes
  • Google Play Music
  • Streaming Video
  • Via Amazon Music
  • Player
  • Using JetAo HD
  • MediaMonkey

You can combine these player apps with the volume booster apps I mentioned earlier to make the headphones louder. Find out how you can increase your volume and other benefits by trying out the different apps with your device.

If none of this gives you enough power, consider downloading an equalizer or mixer app. It is easy to turn up the volume using these apps since they add another layer between your device and headphones.

Get The Best Headphones

If you’ve tried all the above methods but your headphones are still too quiet then you need to get a new pair of headphones.

Aside from just making sounds, headphones come with a variety of other features like Bluetooth connectivity, an inline microphone, and noise isolation, to name a few. To block noise and ensure the music is heard, use noise-canceling headphones or closed-cup over-ear headphones if your headphones leak too much noise.

If you decide to use noise-canceling headphones, make sure you know how they work. These headphones may not always be effective at protecting your ears. If your headphones stop working after a few years, you might have to send them in for a warranty or get a new pair.

Since it’s all a matter of opinion, selecting the best headphones can be challenging. Some people believe the best headphones are the most expensive, while others disagree. Taking a look at reviews can be helpful. Particularly for more costly products. Always look at other customers' experiences before buying a headphone set, as I want you to get the most out of your money.

List of Loudest Headphones

Following is a list of the loudest headphones:

  • WH1000XM3 by Sony
  • MSR7NC Audio-Technica
  • Beats Studio3
  • Sennheiser HD280Pro
  • Plantronics Backbeat Pro 2
  • Cowin SE7
  • Dolby Dimension
  • ATH-50BT Audio-Technica
  • Skullcandy Hesh 3

They are not only highly comfortable and loud for long listening sessions but also capable of reducing low repetitive sounds (such as airplane engines) to a point where you can no longer hear them. As a result, the Sony 1000XM3s are significantly better than the closest competitors, the Bose QC 35II and even the newer Bose 700, making them well worth the price.

The ten headphones listed here have the best volume. You won’t hear anything but the sound of your music if you use a pair of noise-canceling headphones. Even though some options are expensive, a more excellent pair of headphones will probably be worth it over a mid-range pair. They can last for years when they’re correctly taken care of and continue to sound great. Many of the headphones becoming more popular today have outstanding sound quality.

Ensure your headphones are at a proper volume level when using them. Listen to your headphones for short periods every day to avoid hearing problems.

You also run less risk of damaging your hearing with sound-isolating headphones since you don’t need to listen to such high volumes to hear what you want.

Purchase A Bluetooth Speaker Or Smart Speakers

You can use speakers to listen to your content without dealing with headphones when you’re in one place. You can always use a speaker if the headphones aren’t doing it for you if you’re not on the go.

Particularly now that Bluetooth and WiFi devices are becoming more common. You can avoid cords and plug in your devices using wireless capabilities.

Bluetooth speakers have become more affordable due to their size and loudness ratio. Getting an inexpensive speaker that produces sufficient volume shouldn’t be too difficult.

You can sometimes get by without headphones and listen to something that produces enough sound to satisfy, especially if your living room is large. Even with headphones alone, you can make more volume with the right speaker. Now imagine how much importance you can gain with a speaker and some of the apps I mentioned to increase your volume.

Boost The Volume Through Your Device’s Settings

Each device’s control centre allows you to increase the volume. Expanding the master volume on your device is a relatively simple process. There is usually one gauge in the control centre for turning up or down the volume. You may need to use alternative options even more once the dial reaches maximum to increase the volume.

Some devices produce excellent sound at their maximum volume. Using one volume-boosting app can also help if the device does not have the best sound power. It may be time to explore some of the boosters mentioned above if you’re up on your volume but still not hearing the sound you want.

Set Up The Volume Limit

If your headphones are so quiet and you’ve already tried everything but nothing works then you should also check the Equalizer settings on your device. Often, these settings are “optimized” by the manufacturer but do not suit the listener’s preferences. Adjust them until they fit your preference.

The options may surprise some, as they did for me. Most devices have a workaround for bypassing the “governor or limiter.” This device prevents a listener from overdoing it and damaging its audio system. When increasing the volume beyond its maximum, always start small and work your way up. You should proceed at your own risk if you turn off the part of your device that makes the volume too loud.

A workaround is available in the settings of a device such as an iPhone called “volume limit.” Open the settings and choose the volume limit by yourself. You can use the slider to adjust the volume you would like to be allowed on your iPhone by turning off the volume limiter. If you set the volume limit, you will be able to use the average slider to set your volume.

You can also boost the volume of devices with EQ settings. The iPhone’s “late-night” setting increases volume in louder environments. You can play with the EQ settings on Android devices and other technology to make sure your content is loud enough when listening to it.

Final Words

We hope that this article will help you and improves you’re listening experience.

One of the most common headphones problems is insufficient volume. It’s a common question these days about how to make headphones louder so we’ve tried our best here and provided you with the best possible solutions to make your headphones louder.

In this age of technology, there are so many ways to listen to things in headphones; sometimes, we end up with a rather mediocre volume. Many phones, computers, and MP3 players cannot provide the right volume for a listener.

There are several unique tactics to boost your listening device’s sound, and some were even a surprise to me. There are a few options that will help you increase the volume of your headset beyond the standard settings, regardless of whether you use one or more methods.

Maintaining your headphones will also increase the life of the product. If you take good care of the equipment you use to listen to content, you can use them for years to come.

Last but not least, I want to remind you to be careful when adjusting volume settings. Damage to the eardrums beyond a certain point prevents them from healing. So treat your ears just as well, or even better, than you would a brand new pair of the finest headphones money can buy.

Frequently Asked Questions

How come the volume on my headphones is so low?

Your headphones may have a low volume for many different reasons. Your audio drivers may be outdated on a computer. Especially if you’ve been moving a lot, your audio jack may be partially unplugged. You may have the in-game audio set to a lower volume when playing a video game.

Can we connect Bluetooth headphones with a computer?

Yes! There are multiple ways to connect your Bluetooth headphones with a computer. Here, we’ve mentioned the easiest way to do this.

  • Pair your headphones with the computer.
  • If you’re using Windows 10, simply go to settings and then devices. Here you’ll see the Bluetooth section, go here and click on the add Bluetooth button and connect your headphones with your computer.
  • You’ll see a list of available devices here, choose your headphones from the list and your headphones are ready to use.

How can I increase my headphone's volume?

Here, we’ve mentioned 8 different ways to boost the volume of your headphones.

  • Turn the volume up.
  • Use a headphones volume booster app.
  • Clean dust from the ear cups of your headphones.
  • Try different music or use different music apps.
  • Choose the best headphones.
  • Connect to a Bluetooth speaker.
  • Make your device louder from the control settings.
  • Adjust the volume limit.

Why my headphones are so quiet?

There are multiple possibilities of why your headphones are so quiet. We’ve tried here to explain a few major reasons for the low volume in headphones.

  • Clean the dirt on the speakers of your headphones.
  • Plugin your headphones correctly.
  • Make sure the volume is 100% on your audio device.
  • If everything is perfect, then try a different pair of headsets on the same device and check the volume.
  • Make sure the headphones ear cups properly fit on your ears.
  • Turn off ANC (Active Noise Cancellation) feature.
  • Bring closer your headphones to the audio device.

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