Have you ever noticed esports players wearing earbuds and headphones at the same time during a game? This setup is not just for show. It has several important reasons behind it. Let’s look at why this is a common practice in esports.

Wearing earbuds and headphones helps esports players in many ways. It makes the game sounds clearer, helps them talk to their team, follows tournament rules, and keeps their ears safe and comfortable. All this helps them play their best in the game.

Why Sports Players Use Earbuds and Headphones

Earbuds for Game Sounds

First off, players use earbuds to hear the game sounds clearly. Earbuds are great at giving players the precise sounds they need, like footsteps or gunshots. This helps them make quick decisions in the game.

Headphones to Block Noise

The headphones that go over the earbuds have a special job too. They block out all the noise from the crowd and the event. This way, players can focus on the game without getting distracted by the noise around them.

Clear Chat with Team

Talking with teammates is super important in esports. The headphones usually have a good mic that picks up the player’s voice clearly. This makes sure the team can talk to each other well, even in a loud room.

Everyone Uses the Same Gear

In esports tournaments, everyone needs to use the same type of earbuds and headphones. This makes sure no one has an unfair advantage because of their gear. Players get used to this setup to feel comfortable during their matches.

Protecting Hearing

Using both earbuds and headphones helps keep the players' ears safe. It lets them keep the game volume lower, so their ears don’t get hurt from loud sounds. Also, wearing earbuds for a long time is more comfortable with headphones blocking out loud noises.

Comfort for Long Hours

Esports matches can last a long time. Wearing earbuds and headphones the right way makes sure players stay comfortable. They pick gear that feels good, so they can focus on playing their best without getting tired.

Why Do Esports Players Wear Two Headsets in Tournaments?

Esports players wear two headsets in tournaments for a few good reasons. First off, the earbuds they wear directly in their ears are for hearing the game sounds very clearly, like footsteps or gunshots, which is super important for making quick decisions. Then, the second headset, which goes over the earbuds, usually has noise-canceling features. This helps block out all the loud noise from the crowd and the event, letting players focus just on the game. Also, this big headset often has a microphone attached to it, making it easy for players to talk strategies with their teammates without any background noise getting in the way. So, wearing two headsets helps players hear better, communicate better, and stay focused on winning their game.

Disadvantages of Wearing Two Headsets During Sports

While wearing two headsets offers many advantages for esports players, there are a few disadvantages to consider. First, wearing two headsets for long periods can get uncomfortable. Even with advances in comfort, the pressure on the ears and head can become a distraction during extended gaming sessions. Second, managing two sets of headphones adds complexity. Players have to deal with two sets of wires (unless they’re using wireless options), which can get tangled or interfere with their movements. Lastly, relying on this setup can sometimes lead to technical issues, such as connectivity problems or battery life concerns for wireless devices. These challenges can disrupt the focus and performance of players during critical moments in a game. Despite these drawbacks, the benefits of using two headsets often outweigh the disadvantages for competitive esports players, who look for every possible edge in tournaments.


In conclusion, the reason esports players wear headphones and earbuds and Use two headsets during tournment is all about gaining the best advantage in competition. The first set, the earbuds, ensures they catch every crucial game sound, giving them the edge they need to react swiftly. The second headset blocks out distractions from the noisy environment, allowing players to concentrate fully on their game. It also helps them communicate clearly with teammates, which is key to executing winning strategies. This dual headset setup is a smart way for players to blend into their game world, ensuring they perform their best while keeping in touch with their team. For anyone watching esports, this setup shows just how seriously players take their craft, combining technology and teamwork to reach the top of their game.

Hamza Bhatti
Hamza Bhatti is a tech enthusiast, hardcore gamer, and music lover since childhood. He loves to explore and review new gadgets and technologies. He is graduated from one of the most reputable universities in Pakistan. In his spare time, Hamza loves to play games, travel, and watch the cinema.